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Welcome to 7 Wonders Market, Zimbabwe's Market for Skills. 7 Wonders Market is a platform set up with the main aim of alleviating challenges caused by high levels of unemployment in Zimbabwe. It provides an opportunity for skilled people to earn more income from their skills and expertise outside of or without formal full time employment. Is this possible in Zimbabwe? Yes it is!
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Freelancing refers to a profession where a person independently offers his or her skills, expertise and services to clients outside of or without formal full time employment. In other words freelancers are self-employed people. The clients can be individuals or companies.
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Good question you have asked there! We are not there to only offer a freelancing platform. One of our aims is to help freelancers in setting up their businesses from scratch until you become a professional. You are at the right place to get your answers. Come along and we will walk you through how you can begin.
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7 wonders Market is a community built on the values of maximizing on synergies that emanate from networking with like minded freelancers or self-employed people who are at different stages of their business life cycles. Great people have at some stage learnt from other great people. Register today to join this amazing community.
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At 7 Wonders Market we are very passionate about the success of SMEs and here are the other services we offer which assist in establishment and growth of SMEs
Affording business accounting packages and software can be a challenge for small and starting businesses. A bad presentation when making a pitch can also have far reaching effects on the outcome of the pitch. Here are some solutions to help you keep records of your business at low cost and also to improve your presentations.
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Running a business and dealing with tax matters can be frustrating at times. Why should you when taxation support services are readily available and affordable. Enjoy running your business and leave tax matters to the experts, from registration, tax planning, periodical returns to tracking of ongoing changes in tax legislation.
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Importance of keeping accounting records need not be overemphasized regardless of the size of the business. However employing a full time accountant or bookkeeper can be costly. Do not despair, your solution is right here. We offer accounting services tailor made for your business and its size.
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