About 7 Wonders Market


 7 Wonders Market Introduction

7 Wonders Market is Zimbabwe’s online market for skills and services.

We provide a platform which  gives skilled people an opportunity to earn more income outside of or without formal full time employment to alleviate the challenges caused by unemployment in Zimbabwe and surrounding countries . This is done through selling your skills, expertise and services to various clients commonly known as freelancing.

That is not all!

7  Wonders Market does not only end with providing you a platform where you and clients can  meet. In addition we go a step further and ensure that members of our community of freelancers are equipped with:

  • Knowledge that help you in setting up your freelance businesses,
  • Also knowledge that help you in development of those businesses,
  • Furthermore personal development of the freelancers as entrepreneurs.
  • In addition we look forward to exporting skills, expertise and services to other countries.

introducing 7 wonders market

More good news!

Unlike the notion that most people have that freelancing is only for skills that can be provided online, at 7 Wonders Market we say every skill that can be offered independent of others is a salable skill hence this is the right place for you.

How so?

Here are some examples of other self employed or skilled people that are traditionally excluded from freelancing that are found on 7 Wonders Market; carpenters, builders or brick layers,  electricians, private security officers, plumbers, motor mechanics, household helps (maids & gardeners), tailors and artists, among others.

new type of freelancers

Our aim:

  1. Firstly to bring order, sanity and growth in the freelancing industry.
  2. Secondly to provide the skilled people of Zimbabwe and Africa a chance to get value for your skills by freelancing as opposed to only looking for full time employment. This gives you flexibility and increases your exposure on the market.
  3. Thirdly to provide you a platform where you are mentored as a freelancer into a full time entrepreneur.
  4. Our fourth aim is to provide you a platform where as startup freelancer you can meet with experienced freelancers and be mentored.
  5. Furthermore we aim to provide a platform where clients can easily shop for skills, expertise and services that they require in the ease and comfort of their homes.


To provide the freelance website of first choice in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.


To be the leading freelancing solution provider in Zimbabwe and Africa at large by making life easy through harnessing technology.



Firstly we are people who stand for what they say.


Secondly we uphold ethical values in all our business operations.


Thirdly we are trustworthy and also dependable.

Customer satisfaction

We exist to give our clients the greatest satisfaction they crave for.

Corporate Governance

Lastly but not least we strive for and uphold good corporate governance practices.

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Best advice!

“Success favours the bold and those that take action”

Make that one great decision today to join this wonderful community of game changers and make history.