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At 7 Wonders Market we are passionate about the successful establishment and growth of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Establishing and growing a business with proper structures and records can be costly at times resulting in businesses outgrowing their systems. Because we are passionate to see businesses being established and succeeding, we have come up with products that are tailor made for small businesses which take into consideration the needs and sizes of these businesses. The following are some of the services that we offer.


All businesses regardless of size and location need to have proper accounting records in order for the decision makers to make informed decisions. The importance of keeping proper accounting records therefore need not be overemphasized. The question therefore is never on its necessity but on affordability.

Instead of employing a full time bookkeeper or accountant for a small business, which can be overly costly for a small and growing business, you can outsources those services to 7 Wonders Market’s experts at affordable rates. We tailor make the accounting processes to suit your business and its size.

Get in touch with our accounting team on [email protected]   or call or whatsapp on +263 774 895 397.


The name Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) scares many small business owners because of the knowledge that their tax affairs are not in order. Handling taxation issues from registration, tax planning to time to time submission of returns and tracking of changes in the tax legislation is usually not easy for owners of small businesses due to the pressures that running a small and growing business can exert upon them. Another factor is also that these business owners may not have an accounting background.

At 7 Wonders Market we have accountants who are experts in taxation and we offer taxation services at very affordable rates. Our services range from registration, tax planning advisory, preparation and submission of timely tax returns and advising on changes in tax legislature and implications on different businesses.

Stop worrying about taxation matters and leave it to the affordable experts. Contact us on [email protected] or call/whatsapp us on +263 774 895 397.

Excel Business Packages and PowerPoint Presentations

Excel Business packages

It is not always that a business needs to buy sophisticated software packages to use in business as this may not be cost effective and in some instances the packages may not be able to meet all the needs of a growing entity.

At 7 Wonders Market appreciate the needs of small and growing businesses and the constraints that they encounter in terms of the resources to afford sophisticated software. With our team of experts who have advanced Microsoft excel skills, we help to tailor make business packages that are very helpful in the day to day operation of the businesses. We also teach those that are interested, to program these packages using Microsoft excel. Not only do we offer lessons in the advanced excel skills but we do also offer lessons on basic use of the Microsoft Office.

PowerPoint Presentations

The early stages of a business has a lot of negotiations that are done. In these negotiations presentation of a visual picture of a business concept becomes indispensable. Presentation of a business idea be it to investors, financiers, partners and any other stakeholders, can determine its success or failure. A good presentation plays a significant role in the acceptance of a proposal or its rejection. It is therefore paramount that a presentation should be of good quality in order to achieve the desired goal.

As one of the services that we offer to small and growing individuals, 7 Wonders Market has experts that teach on how to make attention catching presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. We also assist in making these presentations in cases where a client does not have enough time for lessons but wants to make a presentation urgently.

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