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Many people in Zimbabwe and the world over are busy studying and attaining different types and levels of qualifications daily. Are you one of the people who are studying or intending to study? Have you ever posed one day from your studies and asked yourself this question, “Why am I studying?”

It is very important to ask yourself this question as you tread along your path of learning and studying. If you are able to answer this question you will set yourself on a path of less frustration and your studying will become more meaningful and productive.


I would like to categorize people who study into 3 categories which can help a person in analysing whether they are on the right path or not.

Category 1

The first category is that of those who study to improve their chances on the job market or those who study in order to get a better job.

The bulk of the most frustrated people in the world fall into this category.

Wondering why?

Well here is the truth!

These people’s expectations are seldom met. The person will look back at the years spent studying, the nights that he or she slept late. He or she can even look at the days that he or she woke up very early to study. Compare that with his or her remuneration and these seldom tie.

With the current state of the global economic environment, this trend is likely to continue or worsen.

That is not all.

This group of people, unless if there is a mind shift, they will continue studying and and adding another qualification to their portfolio. Furthermore people in this category do not stop or settle at one place but will continue moving in search for better and greener pastures.

Here is the most interesting thing about people in this category.

People in category 1 are the most busy people in the world. Those that they work for always ensure that they are always kept busy to make the best out of them as human resources or human capital.

The knowledge and skills accumulated in category 1 are solely used for the purposes of becoming a better employee hence they work to their retirement age as frustrated employees.

Category 2

Category 2 is a category of the most misunderstood people.

Surprised or curious?

Well let me tell you why.

People in this category have sacrificed their lives to follow their hearts’ desires rather wealth. These people study out of passion to satisfy an unquenchable thirst to learn more and more things.



In this category we find the people that are usually called nerds. These are the people who carry out research and invent new things and new methods of doing things.

What gives people in this category more satisfaction is not the remuneration that they get but the results of their study. A person in this category can spend all his career studying an animal like a lizard.

I believe these people are less frustrated than those in the first category and are likely to be  the most satisfied people in life. They would have asked themselves the golden question, “Why am I studying?”

Category 3

The third and final category is that of people who do what is called calculated studying.

I am sure you wondering what that is right now.

Wonder no more as I am going to take you through what these people do.

These people carefully select what they are going to study in order to achieve a specific goal in life. This form of studying is primarily for the benefit of the one who is studying than an organisation.

In addition, people in this category do careful planning and are forward looking in their choice of what to study.

A person in this category finds it difficult to be an employee for life but has a burning desire to start their own businesses or ventures.

As a result you can find a person in this category studying something that has nothing to do with their current occupation.

To an uninformed person this could be construed as confusion. However the satisfaction for the people in this category is derived from knowing that whatever they are doing however small, primarily starts by benefiting them and then spreads to others. They ask themselves constantly, “Why am I studying?”

If the person chooses to do marketing, he or she is not studying it for the purposes of being the best marketing employee at a company. he or she is doing it to have knowledge which he or she will use to help market his or her services or products in life.

The people in this category are not only risk takers in business ventures but even in their choice of studies. As a result they are usually successful in wealth creation.

In conclusion we can safely say people in this category are visionaries.


After having summarised the people in the different categories, it becomes clear that it is important for a person to do an introspection to see what motive drives oneself to study.

You need to make sure sure that you are not studying with the wrong motive at the end of the day. Ask yourself, “Why am I studying?”

As long as you are able to answer that question, you will derive more satisfaction from your studies.

So let’s start right now.

“Why am I studying?”

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